Blood & Amber Eyes

The latest book in the Craving Crimson world is out now and it’s filled with werewolves, vampires and royal families fighting to be on top.

Blood & Amber Eyes

A Craving Crimson World Story
Author: Kate Bonham
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Standalone
Release Date: 20th April 2020
Cover Design by Lou Gray of Gray Creations
Edited by Robyn Corcoran


After finding herself rescued from certain death, Mae discovers the world she’s stumbled into isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. It’s full of danger, and creatures straight out of her nightmares.

Spending her days with her rescuer, she discovers that her deep, dark family secret has been discovered and her life is in danger yet again.

When Mae’s world is turned upside down by family, she’ll be forced to choose between her heart and her blood.

** A Craving Crimson World story – can be read without reading the Craving Crimson series.

Exclusive on Kindle Unlimited & Amazon

An Update on Me

For what seems like a long time, I finally feel like things are on track but I’ve had a rough couple of months and it will most likely be a little while until things are back to normal.

  • Have there been less giveaways?
  • Have I not been as open on Instagram and Facebook?
  • Am I not online as much?

It’s all because I have had a tough time and I don’t want to burden readers with that stuff. It’s not your fault I didn’t have a job, it’s not your fault I felt so depressed and anxious I didn’t want to get out of bed for most of the last month.

Why am I telling you now? Because I feel like you deserve to know why I took a step back. It wasn’t just the fact that I had no job, it was a lot more than that and unfortunately, it all hit me at once.

I had to pull out from two events I had been really been hoping to attend, not only because I didn’t have any income but because Amazon decided to be snodbitches and remove Australian authors from getting their paperbacks, then came the closure of CreateSpace forcing me to look into alternate means of publishing paperbacks so I could attend signings. When queried with Amazon, they directed me to order paperbacks from the Australian store which does not have ‘Order Author Copies’ on the site. So in order for me to grab my own books (books I have slaved over and spent close to $500 or more on already), I’d have to spend $26-40 per book, not to mention shipping, to get them.

Yes, I tried IngramSpark but their format is different so I’ve had to reformat my interior file. I did, thinking this would be great, the company is in Australia which means faster delivery and cheaper since it’ll be in my own currency but I couldn’t get that far. No matter the guidelines I follow, it doesn’t want my interior file. So…I became frustrated but will I give up? No. This is my dream, I want to publish my stories, because they need to be read. I know I have great stories and I will continue to publish no matter the bumps in the road.

For now, I am going through a writing phase where I will write and write, until I feel comfortable publishing again. At the moment though, I am re-writing the Fallen from Grace series because I want to push them into 1st person like my other books and because I feel it easier writing this way. And thanks to my pal Lou at Gray Global Creations, she has re-done all of my covers and they are SMASHING!

Authors and Bloggers, please reach out to me if you need anything like a media packet or a giveaway for your new release/party. I can offer things that don’t cost money to me and still help you with your new release.

Readers, please reach out to me if you have any concerns, want to buy a paperback, want to ask me about future signings or anything really. I’m always happy to chat 🙂

Until then,

Be kind to one another and keep on readin’.