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  • Virginia Woolf Day

    Virginia Woolf Day

    I must confess, I did not read anything by Virginia Woolf when I was young. I’d not even heard her name until I was in my teen years and even then I hadn’t read anything. I had, however, watched movies based on her books. I found myself startled and yet impressed by the movie ‘The … Continue reading Virginia Woolf Day Read more

  • National Jane Austen Day

    National Jane Austen Day

    Jane Austen is, without a doubt, one of the most prolific writers of the early 19th century. Whether you read her work or not, you know who she is, and for a woman who was unable to publish her work with her name during her lifetime, that’s quite a feat. Jane writes about strong female … Continue reading National Jane Austen Day Read more

  • Happy Krampusnacht

    Happy Krampusnacht

    It’s the 5th of December…and today is Krampusnacht. I learned of Krampus from a movie, funnily enough, isn’t that how we all learn about such historical facts? It was a story which I found a little horrific but also oddly comforting. I mean, we let a jolly old man in a red suit into our … Continue reading Happy Krampusnacht Read more