Fallen from Grace Series

The Fallen from Grace series is all about Fallen Angels. There are three books in the series but only the first book is published. The other two are coming soon.


She was just meant to be a job, a soul to be delivered for judgement. After a close call with demons, I’m realising she is so much more.

My life is in danger. I should be scared, instead I’m falling for the reaper now trying to save my soul. Can they outrun their Fate before it’s too late?



My whole life had been a lie or so this mysterious stranger was telling me. My uncles had stolen me from my father and raised me as their own.

Which meant…my father wasn’t dead as they claimed. He was very much alive and the Lord of Purgatory and he had send this sexy warrior to find me and bring me home.


I was tasked to find her for her father. When I did, I couldn’t believe what I saw.

She had no idea what she was or who she was.

I made quick work of telling her everything and had every intention of bringing her home.

Then they came.

The demons from Hell, and she was their target.

I had to protect her at all costs.