Craving Crimson Series

The Craving Crimson series is a paranormal multi-species series that centres around a Hunter and the Nosferatu he’s forever connected to. This series will also include Alchemists (witches), Fae, and Wolves…and many more.

This series will be the start of a multi-series World that I will post about soon.

Currently, these books have been unpublished so I can re-write them in the way I always wanted to. The first four books will be re-published throughout 2022 with two more books to be published later in the year.



I am a Hunter. I was born into a family that protected mankind from everything that went bump in the night.

Ten years ago, my world fell apart when I watched as my father lay dying in her arms.

For ten long years, I hated her, seeking revenge while still trying to stay alive.

Now she’s back and I finally have the opportunity to avenge his death.


I am a Noseratu. Stolen from my human life centuries ago. I’ve done bad things, things that no amount of good can make up for but over a century ago, I swore to be different, to reclaim whatever remnant of my soul I had left.

Ten years ago, I lost an ally and I let his son believe I killed him. And then I fled.

Now, I’m back but before I allow him to kill me, I need his help to rid the world of a foe I failed to kill. The one man I’ve never been able to kill and one who may just end mankind once and for all


Everything I’ve ever known has been a lie.
After it all, I only want peace.
Peace from the world of Alchemists, Nosferatu and Fae.
I am done.

Or I thought I was until she came knocking on my door.
Now, I’m thrust back into the world I had hoped to escape to seek out my redemption…


Forbidden love.
An unwilling Queen.
A coven under threat.
An alliance broken.
A war to end the supernatural world.

…Sacrifices must be made.


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