New Release & Giveway: Becoming Santa

Becoming Santa eBook

Becoming Santa

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Holiday Romance

Author: Kate Bonham

Edited by: Ravenna Poe

Cover design: Gray Global Creations

Release Date: 22 December 2018





As children, we all wanted him to be real.
We put out milk and cookies, and carrots for his reindeer.
But then we grew up and reality settled in.

But…what if we were right to believe? What if Father Christmas is real?

Meet the man behind the legend.

Klaas is a Guardian sent from Heaven to watch over children and protect them from harm.
Only he’s lost his faith to do his job. Can a beautiful half-human, half-sprite and a dying girl be the kick in the butt he needs?

*Becoming Santa is a standalone Christmas Origin story and is recommended for 16 years and older.


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Available on: Kindle, iBooks, Nook, Kobo

Becoming Santa Mockup

“You are the light in my darkened life,” I said, softly. “I’d be lost without you.”

“Does that mean I can be your Mrs. Claus?”

I laughed, unable to stop myself. “Is that your way of proposing to me?”

Hollie’s mouth fell open. “I did not propose, you have to do that.”

“Sounded like you just did it for me,” I teased.

✯✫☆. GIVEAWAY ☆✯✫

To celebrate the new release, you can win a $25 Amazon Giftcard!


About the Author

Amazon Bestselling Author Kate grew up in Western Sydney, Australia, hoping to one day have a pet dragon and castle to roam around in. Then the Khaleesi stole her life and she was forced to reinvent herself.

It was around the age of 15 when she really thought she could make it as a writer, and after course after course on different writing styles, she finally gulped down her fear and pursued independent publishing.

When she’s not writing, she’s spending time with her boyfriend and their zoo of pets that include snakes, a tarantula, bearded dragons, blue tongue skinks, a cunningham’s skink, scorpions, turtle, axolotl and 2 noisy cockatiels.

Her writing genres are Paranormal & Dark Romance.



Twitter: @kbonhamauthor

Instagram: @kbonhamauthor





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